how to make sunshine

About Ani & How to Make Sunshine

I have gone on a journey in faith that led me from uncertainty and doubt to knowing and divine alignment. My childhood and young adult life was riddled with anxiety, uncertainty and self doubt. I didn't know what to study or where to work and made each decision out of fear stemming from lack and societal notions of what is suitable. The disharmonic noise of the external world silenced my inner voice and I stumbled for some time until I became a mother to my twins through IVF at almost 30 years of age. Energetic forces aligned and I was blessed to discover Pause in Joy Reiki and my teacher, Patti. I was called to embark on a journey and it took me almost ten years to become a Pause in Joy Reiki Master Teacher. My daily interface with the divine Spiritual Conscious Energy through Pause in Joy Reiki has created a life of joy and abundance (there are daily miracles in my life, including getting pregnant and birthing two additional children naturally, manifesting a dream house, quitting a stable and suitable legal job which resulted in financial freedom).

The path is always illuminated. I take each step in faith and the next one appears. There is no longer doubt or uncertainty, just a knowing. I have the tools to go inwards to connect with Spiritual Conscious Energy and tune into an intrinsic knowing and shift things energetically to make an impact physically. The pandemic coupled with my family moving to Northern California and the blessing of my husband's childhood home, inspired us to relocate from Los Angeles to Lafayette in the East Bay hills. There is a calling for me to serve as an energetic lighthouse and anchor for my local community. I will be providing transcendental healing sound bath meditations locally. I am also available for Pause in Joy Reiki healing sessions and teaching/attunement for children and adults (the path is not for the meek as it requires you to be an active participant by living your truth and bringing forth your unique content).